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“ France is full of the most amazing locations but it also comes with its share of specificities and getting a shooting permit, for example, can be a skilled exercise. But, that’s what we do. Call us to find out more. ”
Anthonie Costan-Zanon
Assistant producer & local manager
Pierre Marie Laguet
Art director, DOP & Director
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Our task : making sure all your wishes will be fullfilled . Making a movie, a video, a commercial in France is a complex process. Beback Production is here to help you realise your filming in France. Beback was born to get the most professional and creative people together to work on foreign and French productions. Every individual experience at Beback is shared with all the others so that everyone can respond to your requirements. Every member of the company is specialised in one field but has an experience in the other fields covered by Beback to make a strong working teams Someone has to combine your requirement, with the difficulties for shooting in France, that is where Beback is coming in. Our policy is to bear in mind that what's most important to us: that you, "our client", is always satisfied and will be back to shoot again in France. We will make sure that no is never an answer.